Sayonara Sale

I am leaving Tottori for good this August, and therefore have some stuff to sell for you. Might be interesting for those that stick around another year, or are just coming in and want to buy some new stuff. Check it out and gimme a call or email me!

First up, my lovely Yakuza Nissan Cedric Grand Tourismo Ultima! This is all you need to cruise those clogged up Route 9s and 53s in Tottori-ken. Enough horsepower to pass any K-car and Riceplanter, and if you get stuck in traffic, comfortable enough to hang out and chill in.

Itīs a 1996, has a 3.0 L 24valve twin cam Turbo engine with 275 HP, is loaded with: power windows, power seat control, power steering, power mirrors, leather steeringwheel, automatic AC for front AND backseat, CD, Tape deck, radio, soundsystem, Car Navigation, TV!, video/DVD hook up, tinted windows, winter tires, huge trunk (or boot for you brits!), COMFY seats!

In short, everything you want from a car.

Shaken runs until 9/2003, but if you wanna buy it, I can put new shaken on it for you, which will cost you 80-90.000 yen (which you will have to pay, but that saves you about 40.000 yen). Doing it in a shop will cost you about 100-120.000 yen.

Milage is 88.000 Km.

Insurance is about 6000/month. Runs well on Regular, 70 L tank, gets you about 500km, depending on how you drive.

Unfortunately, it has some scratches and dents, cos as you know japanese driver SUCK BIG TIME, so I got hit (and one even ran). But nothing too wild, just come and check it out!

Ok...and the whole baby will change hands for 200.000 Yen straight. Thats a fair price for such a luxury car! Oh..I tax for the year is paid already!! (51.000)

Next up my Hi Fi stuff. Selling :

Sanyo C 25 F 50 Big screen, 70cm, nice big TV,

SkyperfecTV Aiwa Tuner SU-CS5 and dish,

Panasonic VCR NV-HV7G

Aiwa XR-HG2MD stereo, with triple CD changer, recordable MD and double Tape deck.

and a HP desk Jet 820 cse color printer, only need new cartridges.


Prices: ALL for 50.000 Yen


TV 20.000

Tuner 8.000

VCR 12.000

Stereo 15.000

All of the stuff is hardly 2 years old and in perfect condition!!

I you buy it, I will deliver to your house, if you are not living too far..and if I still have my car ;-)

I also part from my nice snowboard. Solid Liquid, 158cm, soft binding, soft boots (size 27-28), goggles and snowboard jacket and pants, plus nice snowboard bag.

ALL for 15.000 Yen!! Thatīs a steal!! And it will serve you well in Tottori winters on Daisen, Hyonosen or over in Mikata or New Ojiro!!!

Comfy sofa anyone? You can flip it up and down as a bed, just like you want it. Got 2 drawers underneath, very light to move around. Selling for 10.000 yen o.b.o.

Nice National AC wallmounted. Only 1 year old! Very powerful with remote and lots of gimmicks. Cost me 40.000 yen new, selling for 20.000 o.b.o.